Keep Redistricting Independent

Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona legislative majority continue to attempt to subvert the voter-approved Independent Redistricting Committee, even though the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that they are doing so illegally. 

See the details on how we got to this point in the latest Farley Report here.

Legislative incumbents are now planning a partisan grab to take back the power to draw their own districts from the people by referring to the ballot a repeal of the Independent Redistricting Committee. They want us to vote on this during the Republican-only Presidential Preference Primary on February 28, so that only partisan Republicans will vote. Most Independents, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and all others will be left out. This could result in incumbents staying in power as long as they want, without having to campaign for our votes in their custom-drawn districts. 

We need to act now to stop this legislative coup. Please sign this petition and spread to word so we can get as many signatures as possible. I will read this on the floor of the House during any special session the legislative majority may call to carry our their plans so that they may have fair notice of what Arizona voters think of their partisan power grab. Act now -- they could have a special session as early as next week.

Keep Redistricting IndependentGovernor Brewer and the Arizona Legislature:

The people voted to take redistricting out of the hands of the Legislature in 2000 for good reason. Stop the partisan power grab, and submit to fair and independent districts in Arizona, especially now that the Arizona Supreme Court has spoken.

We the undersigned condemn any efforts by any person of any political party to subvert the independent redistricting process in Arizona.

We oppose attempts by the Governor and the Legislative majority to illegally remove the chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission for partisan political purposes.

We also oppose any moves by Legislative incumbents to grab back the power to draw their own districts, unfairly guaranteeing their own re-election and undermining the will of Arizona voters.

Like all Arizona citizens, we invite you to join us in stating your opinions publicly in front of the Independent Redistricting Commission. However, we will vote against any elected official who illegally interferes with the work of the IRC or votes to repeal the IRC.

184 signatures

Will you sign?